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Ram Ahluwalia & Team

A financial advisor at Lumida Wealth

Ram Ahluwalia, CFA is a seasoned investor with an uncanny knack to identify investment themes before they become mainstream. His contrarian "non-consensus" perspectives have earned him a reputation as one of the sharpest minds for uncovering undervalued opportunities across asset classes. Featured in WSJ, Bloomberg, CoinDesk, American Banker, and CNBC; Ram has co-authored editorials with luminaries like former SEC Chair Arthur Levitt. His market insights are read by 50,000+ loyal followers across social media and the influential Lumida Ledger newsletter. Ram was born in Detroit to immigrant parents. He attended the Phillips Exeter Academy before studying Philosophy & Economics at Columbia University. His investing philosophy was shaped by Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, as well as his experience navigating financial crises as the youngest VP at Merrill Lynch and executive at Bank of America. As founder of Winged Foot Capital, Ram built his expertise in spotting dislocated assets and profitably invested in distressed securitization after the crisis. Ram also invested in early stage and late stage venture - profitably exiting winners like LendingClub, Lyft, and Digital Ocean after their IPOs. Ram positioned himself ahead of the credit lending boom with his next firm, PeerIQ, which was later acquired by Cross River Bank. Ram was the executive responsible for building the Digital Assets business at Cross River where he managed key relationships such as Coinbase and the FDIC. Ram was dissatisfied by legacy wealth management’s conflicts of interest and outdated concepts such as ‘60/40’. He saw the business from the inside at Merrill Lynch and saw that there is a better way. Ram favors a ‘quantamental’ approach to investing - a combination of top-down themes, bottoms-up fundamentals, and quantitative factor analysis. He sees an important role for alternative investments such as real estate, private credit and digital assets in a portfolio. Ram co-founded Lumida to bring an innovative, endowment-style approach to compound and preserve wealth.

Ram advises on $546.2K in assets from 10 clients onchain

Ram has made 100 recommendations