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Building the operating system of
onchain wealth & asset management

We are building the future of wealth and asset management. We believe all asset classes are coming onchain , so we are building the tools for the participants of this new financial system to leverage all of the new infrastructure, protocols, and liquidity without compromising on security or user experience.

Self-custody and trustless financial protocols are major enablers of the future we are building towards. For the first time, it is possible to separate custody and trust from financial products and services. This empowers investors to get the most from their money and assets, while letting financial professionals focus on what they do best: providing fiduciary advice and guidance.

Who we are

Alex Sismanis (CTO) and Miguel Kudry (CEO) have been investing and working together in crypto since 2016. They started L1 in April of 2022 to fix their own problem: wanting to work with financial professionals to make better financial decisions on their self-custodied crypto assets.

Our founders have been thinking about this problem for over 6 years. Their first company in the space was a mobile wallet and chatbot assistant that helped people invest in and learn about crypto. Along with their individual journeys as investors, their past experience has given them a unique perspective on the challenges that new and seasoned investors have when it comes to managing their crypto assets and wealth.

Alex Sismanis (CTO) and Miguel Kudry (CEO)
Nick Rygiel

"The L1 Platform is revolutionary for enabling clients to maintain full custody of their assets while still receiving advice and guidance on transactions."

Nick Rygiel, Financial Advisor & Business Owner

Ironclad Financial